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MBA Articles

MBA in Recessionary Times -
Does it make sense?
MBA Age -
Is your age right for MBA?
With the job market at the lowest level in decades, does it make sense to spend a huge amount to do your MBA?
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If you are not sure if you have the right age to do an MBA or if you feel, you are too old for the MBA program, you should check this out.
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MBA Abroad -
Is it worth the money?
MBA Destinations -
Which is the best for you?
You need to weigh the benefits against the costs involved. Those who go to the good schools consider it an investment for a better future. You can recover the costs fairly quickly after you complete the course and begin working.
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To help you decide your MBA destination, we compare the various advantages & disadvantages of doing an MBA from the various popular destinations.
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Work Experience -
Why do schools prefer?
Business School Essays -
How much time should you spend?
Business Schools require you to bring your unique work experiences and share them with others in the class. They also want you to appreciate the business concepts, which can only happen with real time work experience.
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They are important. You need to analyze things at your end, clear your thinking, and project yourself well. This can be time consuming.
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GMAT Score -
How important is it?
Top Business Schools -
Are you right for them?
GMAT is required by most Business Schools across the world. It is not the only factor but an important one none the less. If you are an Asian student you must target a high score.
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Everyone wants the top schools, but very few make it. The others end up without an admission. Should you be applying to just top business schools?
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