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Information for Transfer Students

You can transfer your admission in a present college to a college in the U.S.A. The flexibility of the Credit System in U.S allows students from all over the world to transfer their earned credits at home to the college that accepts such credits.

It is rare to seek transfer of credits to universities in countries other than U.S.A. Normally, transfers are allowed after one year of undergraduate study. Transfer to another university is rare during the final year of an undergraduate program.

For transfer of credits, one must note that the structure of education in your country may not match the system in U.S universities. What one studies in his/her home country may be different in some aspects from the courses offered at the undergraduate level in U.S.A.

The following three factors will be considered by most universities before admitting a transfer student at the undergraduate level.

  1. The university/College where the student is presently studying has to be recognized by the Ministry of Education/authorized body (like AICTE in India) in his home country.
  2. The nature or character of courses that are offered at the transfer institution must be compatible or nearly similar in nature.
  3. The courses from your transfer institution must be applicable to the award of degree especially the ‘major’. This can be determined only by evaluation of the courses by the admissions office and the academic department of the university.

To enable smooth transfer to a U.S university, please follow these guidelines:

  • Submit all your academic records ‘officially’ i.e., only through the institution that have issued them.
  • Give a clear description of all the Post-secondary courses you have done. Include information like the number of hours required in lecture and laboratory for each course on weekly basis, the summary of yourself and an outline of the major topics covered in each course.
  • List the text books that you had used for each course, and,
  • Provide information on the total number of courses, units required for the degree program from which you are transferring.

Start the Transfer Application Process at least one year before the date you wish to start studying at the new institution. Normally, there will be a separate application form for Transfer Students.

Most universities would like to know why the student wants to transfer to the new institution. A personal essay will be necessary to explain reasons. Also, they would like to know what all courses one had taken and how the performance was? Transfer Students are expected to have done well during their study from the transferring institution.

In addition, the applicant has to submit all documents and information as if he is applying for the Freshman admission, i.e., into the First year of the undergraduate program.

Please remember one important aspect. Even though transfer is easy to a U.S university, the process is difficult for entry into competitive colleges. Be prepared to make your application strong enough for acceptance as a Transfer Student.

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