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Why Essays?

As part of your application procedure, most universities require you to write one or more essays of a personal nature, asking you to elaborate on your personality, achievements, objectives and other integral aspects of your individual self.

Essays are a crucial aspect of your application, probably the most significant. They are of particular importance if you are applying to an MBA or a Doctoral program, as they offer you a chance to show the admission committee who you really are.   Your essays should reflect your personality, talents and interests that are not obvious from your r�sum� or application.  These less quantifiable qualities are of significant importance to the admissions committee and critical to your admission into good programs.

On this site, we have provided tips on how to write persuasive essays . We have also included some sample essays of candidates who were accepted to the top programs.  We do realize that there is no good formula for creating a classic piece of literature that reflects all the facets of your personality.  So, we decided to put together a team of successful candidates that have gone through this process and can help bring out the best in you.

We will NOT write the essay for you.  As we mentioned elsewhere, your essays should make a statement about you that only you could have written. It should reflect the person that you are, your passions, your ambitions and your values.  Once you have a rough draft of your essays, we will evaluate your essays objectively.  We will help you think through questions that may have never occurred to you .  We will assist you in being creative and imaginative.  And, finally, we will edit your essays for structure, grammar and language. In short, we will look at the essays as the admission team.

Who Does it?

You would definitely like to know if the guidance available is the best.

Our editors were, once upon a time, candidates like you, going through the rigorous process of applying to the schools of their choice.  As a result, they can assist you in highlighting your qualities through essays that will make you stand apart from the crowd. They comprise expert professionals, who have been helping students in this field for the last few years. They are highly qualified engineers and business school graduates who like to share their experiences and knowledge.

We will let you know more about your counsellors when you subscribe to our services.

Our Process

We start with assigning a counsellor, who will be responsible for working with you from start to finish.  Our counsellors are based all over the world, so your primary mode of communication will be via email. You will, however, be provided with the contact information of the counsellor.

Please be cognizant that you will be continuously working with the counsellor to ensure the best results. To be precise, your effort is as important as the counsellor who works with you.

Essays are a critical component of the application form. Although writing essays is a hard task, we cannot write your essays for you. If you think about it, you'll realize that we could do no better writing your essays, than you could writing ours. The nature of the essay questions is such that only the applicant can answer them. The purpose of the essays is to enable the school to know you as a person. Schools are not just looking for your achievements (your resume covers that), but they want to know other facets of your personality. In short, the admission committee will form an opinion of you as a person without ever meeting you.

Our job is to help you be creative and imaginative, choose the most appropriate content, bringing out what we believe is important to schools, providing constant feedback on your work-in-progress, and editing the drafts for grammar, style, and structure.

To start, we will exchange few emails understanding your strategy, discussing your strengths and weaknesses, your goals and what you wish to project. Once a concurrence is reached on what personal and professional traits should be emphasized, you should start drafting experiences that highlight these qualities. Do not spend days fine-tuning an essay before sending it to us for the first time. We may end up trashing the whole idea because we don't feel it's a good reflection of your talents or experience that could add sufficient value to the program. (Remember, our first concern is a good strategy, not good writing skills.)

Essays will often go back and forth several times before we mutually agree with the content and the message it projects. You should plan on a month long process with us. Use our application calendar to plan in advance. Please remember that good essays cannot be written overnight; essays can make or break your chances of getting into a good school.

How much does this editing package cost?

For business school essays, charges per school are:

Top 20 Business Schools: US $ 395 per school
Other Business Schools: US $ 295 per school

For other programs, charges are:

Statement of Purpose US $ 79
Recommendation Letter US $  49
Resume US $ 49

As most Business Schools have similar essays, the essays of other Schools can be written and modified by the student himself/herself. We also wish to assure you of your privacy. Nobody except you and our editing team will have access to your personal essays. Due to time constraints, we will accept only limited number of students for this service.

How to Pay?

You can pay online using a credit card.

Click here to pay and enroll for the service



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