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Infozee Visa Counselling Service

The following paragraphs could be of interest to you if you are planning to apply for a US visa shortly and have gained an admission in a US university.

There are rumours floating around about how difficult it is now to obtain a US student visa after the terrorsit attacks in the US. Students have written to us about the problems that their friends and relatives have faced in the visa process. Some of them have gone to the extent of applying to universities in other countries and are not even trying for a visa for US.

From our experience and the success our students have achieved, we simply dispute the rumours. These rumours have no basis and are not backed by any decisions to this effect by the authorities in the US. What is true however is that the consulates are certainly more careful while scrutinizing documents.

The US is looking for genuine students. If you are one, you should get the student visa. Of course, you should prepare well for the visa process.

To all students applying for a student visa the following is the two-step advise that we can offer.

  1. Get your documentation in order. Ensure that your documentation projects the financial position of your sponsor properly, and you as a genuine student who wishes to study in the US.

  2. Plan to apply early

If you want to be sure about your documentation and do not wish to take a chance, you could consider taking up the highly personalised visa counselling service of Infozee. Our counsellors have experience in helping students apply for US visas and improve their chances of getting one.

While counselling students for visas we work on the following aspects.

  • The relevance of the course and the university to the background and the future plans of the student. A good match projects you as a genuine student.
  • Your financial and academic background.
  • The latest rules and regulations governing F-1 (Student) Visa processing
  • Presentation of the documentation
  • Preparing the cover letter and finally,
  • Preparing for the Visa Interview (if required)

The counselling service is meant to prepare you well and give you the confidence and conviction necessary to face the visa officer. Grateful letters of Appreciation from students who got their visas stand testimony to our expertise and commitment.

While it is true that the granting of visa is the prerogative of the Consulate, it is also clear that those who are prepared professionally stand a very good chance of "acceptance".

The procedure of service enrollment and delivery

1. You have to click on the link at the bottom of this page to enroll for the service.

2. You will get a questionnaire by email which will tell us more about you.

3. After our counsellors have seen your profile, you will have to pay the service fee of Rs.
3000/- either by sending us a DD or pay online using a credit card. You will be allocated a counsellor who will be your guide in your efforts.

4. You will then have a regular email exchange with your counsellor to discuss various issues and to put together an initial set of documents.

5. After you have compiled an initial set of documents you will send a copy of them to your counsellor who will see them and suggest changes if any.

6. A tentative date of visa application will be set by your counsellor and you will be given tips on facing the visa interview.
7. Your covering letter will be checked by your counsellor and you will put together a final set of documents.

8. You will apply for the visa on the decided date.

The counselling will be carried out via emails. You will be in regular touch with your counsellor almost on a daily basis. The counsellors reply promptly and have a maximum response time of 24 hours.

This service is avialable for a nominal fee of Rs. 3,000 only. The fee includes constant on-line guidance till you apply for the visa. We will be with you all the way! Constantly encouraging you, guiding you and trimming the rough edges in the whole process.

Click here to join the Infozee Visa Counselling service


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