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Birmingham City University - Postgraduate Courses

Computer Science & IT:

* MSc Pervasive Computing
* MSc IT for Strategic Management
* MSc IT Project Management with International Business

Business & Management:

* MBA Finance 
* MBA Marketing 
* MBA International Business
* MBA Information Technology
* MSc in Business Management 
* MSc in Management and Finance
* MSc in International Business
* MSc in Human Resource Management
* MSc in Management and Marketing 
* MSc International Entrepreneurship and Innovation 
* MSc in Accountancy and Finance
* MSc in Business Creation and Development
* MSc in Management & Computing for Business
* MA in Marketing

Engineering & Technology:

* MSc Automotive Calibration Control
* MSc Automotive Engineering
* MSc Customer Focused Logistics
* MSc Electronic Commerce
* MSc Data Communications
* MSc Data Communications Software
* MSc Digital Television Technology and Production
* MSc Engineering Product Design
* MSc Environmental Pollution Control
* MSc Logistics
* MSc Management of Manufacturing Systems
* MSc Mechanical Engineering
* MSc Software Technology
* MSc Supply Chain Management
* MSc Project Management
* MSc Quality Management
* MSc Operations Management

Art & Design, Media:

* MA Art and Education

* MA Broadcast Journalism
* MA International Broadcast Journalism
* MA International Press Journalism
* MA Media and Communication
* MA Media Production
* MA in Visual Communication
* MA Visual Arts: Critical and Contextual Practices

* MA Fashion
* MA Design Management
* MA Fine Art
* MA Histories of Art and Design
* MA Interior Design
* MA Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products
* MA Textiles and Surface Design

* MA Industrial Design (Ceramics & Glass/Furniture/Product)

Architecture & Built Environment:

* MA Architectural Studies
* MA Architecture
* MA Architecture: Design and Theory
* MA Architecture: Urban Design
* MA Architecture: Intervention Architecture
* MA Architecture: Architectural Journalism
* MA Architecture: Structural Design
* MSc Construction Project Management
* MSc - Facilities Management
* MA Housing
* MA Housing and Regeneration
* MSc International Real Estate
* MA Landscape Architecture
* MA Landscape Studies
* MSc Property, Business & Management
* MSc Real Estate and Management
* MA Regeneration and Renewal
* MA Spatial Planning
* MA Urban Design

Law, Humanities & Social Sciences:

* LLM Corporate and Business Law
* MA Criminal Justice Policy and Practice
* MA Criminological Research
* MA Criminology
* LLM International Human Rights



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