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Assured Admissions in Canada


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is assured admission? Can anyone guarantee an admission?
A. Technically, only the college can assure you of an admission after going through your credentials. Most institutes have their own admission criteria. However, if you meet certain minimum requirements like a TOEFL score and a valid education background, we can assure you that you will get an admission in a particular institute. This is because of our experience with these institutes.

Q. Will applying through Infozee improve my chances of getting an admission in a particular institute?
A. Based on your academic credentials and test scores, we will provide you a list of institutes where you have a high probability of getting admission. Out of those selected institutes, we will endeavour to secure you an admission in your top choice, and guarantee an admission in one of the selected institutes.

Q. Will you get me financial aid?
A. There is almost no financial aid for international students. No one will be able to help you much here.

Q. What programs can you apply for?
A. You can apply for diploma and bachelor degree programs at the undergraduate level and one-year postgraduate certificate/diploma programs.

Q. Does your comprehensive counselling service include this service?
A. No. Comprehensive counselling service is a guidance service and is not related to this service, This service is applicable for admission to Canadian colleges only and not universities.

Q. Why should I apply through Infozee?
A. Applying through Infozee makes the admission process simple, efficient and cost-effective. In addition to the cost saving, you save your invaluable time. And, you can be assured of a confirmed admission letter at the end of the process. We also help you with your visa. In short, we will help you in the entire application process.

Q. How many colleges will you apply to?
A. We will apply to two colleges only. After all, you will be joining just one college. Once you enroll, we study your profile and suggest you a list of colleges where you can get admission. Then we list the colleges in order of your preference. We would try to get you an admission in your first choice college.

Q. Can I choose colleges which are of interest to me?
A. After we receive your application, we study it in detail and provide you with a list of colleges which match your profile and interests. After mutual discussions, we will rank the choices. Our goal is to secure you admission in the best college based on your capabilities.

Q. Why does Infozee charge me a fee of Rs. 3000?
A. The fee of Rs. 3000/- is to cover charges to courier your documents to the institutes, sending the documents to you and counselling expenses.

Q. What are the other expenses I will incur after making your fee payment of Rs. 3000?
A. You will not incur any other expenses until you receive your confirmed admission letter. However, some colleges require an application fee. You will have to pay the application fee, in case, you decide to apply to these colleges.

You will also, have to pay the college fees, accommodation expenses and any other expenses after getting your admission. You will also have to pay for your visa application and all other related expenses.

Q. What happens if you are unable to offer me an admission?
A. We guarantee an admission in one of the colleges selected by us. However, if we are unable to get you an admission we will refund you the fee payment you made to us.

Q. Is GMAT or GRE compulsory for admission?  
A. GMAT and GRE is NOT required for admission. However, most colleges require TOEFL or IELTS score.

Q. Can I directly apply to a college, will it improve my admission chances?
A. No, if you have applied through us, you need not send your application to the college directly. Your application will reach the college through us.

Q. How long will it take for my admission letter after I submit the documents?
A. You will get your admission letter within 12 weeks after you submit all the documents. Please do not worry about the process after you have submitted the documents. It is then our job to ensure that you secure an admission.

Q. I have a 3 years Bachelors degree. Can I get an admission?
A. Yes, you can get an admission. All colleges accept the three-year Indian graduation degree.

Q. I have a low TOEFL score. Can you get me an admission?
A. Yes, you can get an admission in some programs. However, we recommend that if your score is less than 190, you take the TOEFL again.

Q. I am doing my Bachelors degree. Can I get a transfer to a institute in US?
A. Yes, you can get a transfer. You can transfer into the second or third year of college depending on your transfer of credits. You should have completed at least one year and preferably two years of education in your home country.


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