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Admissions Service - Australian Universities

Infozee Admissions Service helps you secure an admission in an Australian University. Our service is simple, efficient and absolutely FREE for the student.

Simple because we will provide you extensive information about the universities in Australia as well as help you with the cumbersome application and the time-consuming Australian student visa processes.

Efficient because once the application is filled, you are guaranteed to receive an admission within 8-12 weeks.

Cost-effective as you will not pay any processing fee or even courier charges. In fact, you save your courier charges when you apply through us.

Advantages of applying through Infozee:

  1. Expert Guidance: We help you select two or three best universities based on your profile and where you have maximum chances of securing an admission
  1. Visa Counselling: Australian visa process is extremely cumbersome and takes around 8 weeks, which includes a pre-visa assessment. It is very important to prepare for the process and get all necessary documents as per the High Commission requirements.

  2. FREE Service: The Infozee service is free for the student. You do not even pay to courier the documents to the respective universities. In fact, you will definitely incur more expenses if you apply on your own, not to mention the headache associated with it.

Why is it free?

The service is funded by organizations promoting Australian Education among international students. There is no charge to students.
The service is designed to simplify the process of applying to Australian universities.
The service is not limited to any particular university in Australia. You can apply to any university or college of your choice.

How does the admission service work?

  1. Complete the online inquiry form.

  2. Our counsellors will study your profile to see if you meet the minimum university requirements.

  3. Once your profile is approved, you can send us the required documents. We will need the originals for verification. The originals will be returned to you after validation.

  4. We will study your profile and provide you with a list of universities that match your academic background and interests. We will work with you to select two universities that best match your profile.

  5. Once the universities are short-listed, we will send you the application forms of the selected universities.

  6. You can complete the forms and send it to us.

  7. We will check the form and the required documents and forward the same to the university.

  8. We will be track your application status and keep you updated on the progress.

  9. Once you get an admission, we will start the visa preparation process. We will guide you about the required documents and will prepare you for the visa interview.


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Admission Calendar

Semester 1
Starts - 
March '05

Application deadline
- 1st December '04

Semester 2
Starts -
July '05

Application deadline
- 1st May '05


Please note that most Australian universities do not have a September intake.


Important Info

IELTS is now compulsory for Australian student visa.

You have to take IELTS even if you have studied in English medium throughout and even if you have taken TOEFL.


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Disclaimer: Infozee has no relationships with these universities.
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