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Part-Time Work While Studying

Employment opportunities for international students are limited.  You should not plan on earning substantial money from a part-time job to help pay for your studies.

MBA is an intensive program and you will have many assignments to do. There will not be much time for part-time work.

On campus : Though international students are allowed to work on campus, these jobs are often difficult to obtain and do not provide sufficient funds to sustain education costs. Students with good academic standing have a better chance. 

Most jobs involve working for a professor on some projects.

Off campus : It may be possible to for students to avail of limited off-campus employment, which is subject to strict regulatory guidelines. 

It requires approval from US Immigration & Naturalization Service. This approval is not easy to get and depends on a special need.

Practical Training : In addition, there are opportunities for practical training which entail a period of authorized employment, designed to allow foreign students to have professional work experience while doing their MBA. 

This internship is for around three months at the end of two semesters of study. This is good time to earn some extra income. If you manage to get an internship opportunity with a good company, not only will you earn well, but also it could translate into a job opportunity at the end of your MBA program, if they like your work.

For further details on part-time jobs and work opportunities, contact the foreign student adviser at the university, after you are enrolled.

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