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Statement of Purpose

There is no doubt that your stellar academic records and ace scores in the standardized tests are key evaluation parameters at all programs. However, there are less quantifiable indicators that are of equal or greater importance to the admissions committee. These include your personality, motivation, goals, interests, team spirit, dedication and communication skills. The admissions committee makes a judgement of these qualities from your statement of purpose and application essays

Particularly, since most MS engineering programs do not require an in-person/phone interview, an applicant's personal statement is a crucial factor. This is your opportunity to sell yourself to the admissions committee. Prepare your statement carefully highlighting unique information about yourself, your ambitions and your interests. Your essay is evaluated for substance, writing ability and skill in organizing and presenting thoughts.

The idea here is to be unique. Rather than writing cliched words like “problem-solver” and “hard worker”, try to focus on one or two experiences that are unique, interesting and something you are proud of. 

Provide situations that justify your statement. If you have been research oriented, elaborate not only on what you achieved but how you achieved your results. Focus on what you learnt and how that experience will help your fellow classmates. 

Have a clear focus of your goals.  Think about your goals and ambitions and link it closely to your achievements thus far as well as to your application. It is important to convincingly prove the reasons for choosing a particular course and university.

Try and personalize your statement of purpose as much as possible. It should reflect the person that you are, your passions, your achievements and your values. Think about how your experience can add value to the class or how your past projects demonstrate your research potential. A balanced statement of purpose reflecting you as well-developed personality could be very powerful.

Last but not the least; do not underplay your abilities. A lot of us find it difficult to say, “I am the best” (although we know it in our hearts, don’t we!). But trust us, you have to be aggressive in your essays. For your benefit, we have enclosed some sample Statement of Purpose of students who have been accepted in the top engineering programs. (Sample SOPs)


Tips for good writing

  1. Please make sure there is no spelling or typographical error in your SOP. There is nothing more repulsive than a typo for a reader.

  2. Give yourself time to think about the essays. Write down the key points that you wish to cover. Work through several drafts. Make sure every sentence is adding value. Do not expect to produce your statement of purpose overnight and get into the top program. Plan at least two months in advance.

  3. Answer the question. If you are substituting parts from statement of purpose of one school to another, make sure you appropriately revise them to ensure that they match the requirements of the other school. In many instances, applicants try and incorporate more than one situation to justify a point and go completely off track.

  4. Find someone to edit your essays - parents, friends, colleagues. Make sure you are meeting your objectives. The test of your writing is what the reader understands, not what your intent may have been.

  5. If you feel, your statement of purpose is not projecting your background and achievements in the right manner, don't hesitate to use a professional editing service. This is important, especially for students who do not have a good way with words or students whose first language is not English.


A word of Caution

The sample SOPs have been distributed to all the engineering programs. Please do not plagiarize. These essays are only meant for you to use as reference material to help you write your own.

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